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dental emergencyDental Emergencies

   Avoid tooth pain… act promptly

If you experience tooth pain or discomfort, please contact our office right away to make arrangements to be seen. Dental disease is progressive by nature, and delaying treatment can cause your condition to worsen and possibly result in infection or increased pain. Acting quickly can often save teeth; be sure to print our dental emergency tips below and store them with your first aid kit.

First Aid for Common Dental Emergencies
    Permanent tooth knocked out - If a permanent tooth is knocked out, speed in response
    is important:
    • Find the tooth and rinse it gently in cool water - do not scrub the tooth or use
      soap or other chemicals. Try to hold it by the crown and not the root tip.
    • If possible, try to place the tooth back in the socket and hold it in place with
      clean gauze or wash cloth, or, tuck it into the cheek. If this is not possible, place
      the tooth in a clean container and moisten it with saliva, milk, or water.
    • Call our office immediately - a quick response can sometimes save the tooth!
    Fractured or Chipped Tooth
    • Try to save the tooth fragment.
    • Rinse gently with warm water to remove any debris and help ease discomfort
    • Apply a cold compress to minimize swelling.
    • Call our office immediately.
    • Call our office immediately.
    • Apply a cold compress - do not apply heat or aspirin.
    • You may want to take an over-the counter pain reliever until your appointment.
      (Do not take aspirin; it is an anticoagulant and can cause excessive bleeding
      in a dental emergency.)
    • If swelling or an abscess is present, this is a serious infection. If after-hours,
      go to the nearest emergency room for immediate care.

Traumatic blow to the teeth or jaw - contact our office right away or go to the nearest emergency room for immediate care.

Don't postpone treatment - “twinges” of tooth pain or toothaches that subside and reoccur can be misleading - any dental pain is an indication of an underlying problem and can lead to serious infection if it is not addressed promptly.

Preventing Dental Injuries and Emergencies - Dental trauma injuries can be reduced or prevented through the use of mouth guards for sports and car seats/seat belts during automobile travel.

Read more about Dental Emergencies at the Academy of General Dentistry web site, – What is a Dental Emergency?

Please do not hesitate to Contact Us with any concerns that you may have about your dental health.


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